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Once upon time, I was a little girl… a girl of about 10 years old. I had been going to public school, but for various reasons my parents decided to make huge personal sacrifices (I love my parents, by the way, they are super, but that’s another blog altogether) and send me, my sister and brother to a private school. As such, this school required an entrance exam. Yes, at ten years old I was being indoctrinated into the world of standardized tests. Actually, I have no idea how standard it was since that was a long time ago.

Anyway, my mom took me to the new school one weekend, and I sat for the entrance test. All went well, very well in fact, and I passed the test with flying colors. Except, there was one problem…

“Mrs DeRitis,” the school counselor said to my mom, “your daughter Pamela has done very well on her entrance exam, but there is one particular question which I’m sure she should know the correct answer to, yet she got it wrong…”

Mrs. DeRitis, in the meantime, looked perplexed, looked at the question, and agreed that I should have known the correct answer. So they both sat me down in the office, showed me the question of concern, and the offending answer. “Do you know what the answer to this question is?” asked my mom. “Yes,” I said, and immediately gave her the correct answer, without having received any hints or provocation. I knew the right answer, I just didn’t write it down.

“But why?” asked mom and the counselor, “If you knew the correct answer, why didn’t you put it on the test?”

“Because,” said I, “I wanted to try something different.”

The above I assure you, is a true story. It is too long ago for me to remember what the question was, but one thing has stuck with me all my life. I always want to do something “different.”

So, here we are today. I am a Project/Release Manager for a great company in Atlanta, GA. I am good at what I do. But that darn itch just won’t go away. I have been tossing around the idea of going for an advanced degree of some sort. That’s not quite different from what a lot of people do actually. However, my approach to it is different, I think.

I recently started searching “the internets” for books that would introduce me to the concepts taught in business school, figuring that would give me some idea of whether or not I actually want to pursue an MBA. One of the sites I searched is lifehacker. If you haven’t visited this site before you simply must. As it happens, lifehacker featured Josh Kaufman’s Personal MBA* site one day, and I knew it was kismet. This kind of reading is just what I was looking for. And a whole program laid out before me to follow to my heart’s content? Well, I think I just died and went to self-study heaven.

I don’t know yet whether I want to go to biz school, but this should certainly help me decide. And to help myself along the way I’m keeping this journal of my progress for the world to see.

Please feel free to leave me a comment or suggestion. If you have ideas about how I can demonstrate my grasp of what I’m learning, tell me! I love feedback!

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